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You may have some experiences of ANPR, perhaps good and perhaps not so good.

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ANPR Systems

You may have some experiences of ANPR, perhaps good and perhaps not so good.

There is little doubt that ANPR systems represent higher risk to both Systems Integrators and End Users and this is where we add our value.

At PixStar we know just how difficult it can be to get things perfect and with our extensive real-life ANPR experiences we know that many ANPR sales channels don’t really know enough to guide integrators through the rapids of specifying and installing ANPR systems that will be good enough for your clients to sign off.

Your favourite CCTV Security distributor may be aggressively selling ANPR products that have limitations.

This means that these products may not perform as well as you might expect.

No matter how attractive the price was, it will be very painful if you have to remove a non-performing system because your customer will not sign it off.

We have heard integrators say ‘ANPR is one of the best door openers, it can also be one of the most rapid door closers if a system fails to deliver and you can lose your best Customers forever’.

We can help you win ANPR business with our wrap around support and expertise and select the correct products to meet your clients’ needs and expectations.

  • Recognition, Application and Back Office Software
  • Web browser (LAN based) multi-user site software
  • The best options in edge ANPR processing
  • Excellent pre and post Sales Support from the industry’s most experienced team.
  • High Quality ANPR Cameras to capture any speed of traffic
  • Full Access Control Systems with User Categories
  • Configurable Access Periods
  • Sales & Technical Training