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Electric vehicle recharging parking only
Electric Charging parking bay

Vehicle Charging Point ‘De-Iceing’ Systems

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Charge Point ‘ICEing’ where a non-electric vehicle (with an Internal Combustion Engine) parks carelessly in a charge point bay is a growing problem that is frustrating for the driver and also the businesses that have paid to have them installed to attract and benefit their customers.

Conventional ANPR cameras are generally not suitable for this type of application due to the capture challenges.

EV Charging Points must be available to EV vehicles otherwise customers may make alternative plans that could be harmful to the Retail or other business that has invested in the Charging points to attract clients.

PixStar have developed their own ANPR small processor box that can be contained either within the charging unit or in its own environmental housing.

We can efficiently monitor up to four EV Charging Bays with one ‘ICE-Pix’ ANPR box which can then validate whether any vehicle is authorised to use the charging bay depending on a pre-booking status, ICE vehicle etc.